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PM urged to adopt four-day working week

PM urged to adopt four-day working week

The Prime Minister has been called to adopt a four-day working week, with politicians and trade unions among those signing a letter that suggests the move would help the post-pandemic recovery. The letter to the PM, which lists former shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Unite general secretary Len McCluskey among signatories, says reducing working hours is essential for the "advancement of civilisation". Commenting on the letter from the 4 Day Week UK Campaign, New Economic Foundation chief economist Alfie Stirling said: “Reducing working hours while also providing pay protection is a powerful tool for minimising economic damage during any recession, and is has been put to particularly good use during the pandemic.” He added that a shortened working week “provides a double boost” as it reduces redundancies by distributing hours and maintains pay packets and wider spendi ng, “which in turn protects more jobs.”

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