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Access To Finance Bootcamp Programme


The Access To Finance Bootcamp is a new programme aimed at supporting businesses across the UK who are looking to access finance to start, grow and expand their business. The programme is privately run and sponsored by funders who are ready to fund the participants who complete the programme successfully and is only being delivered by industry professionals, finance experts and successful entrepreneurs.

The Access To Finance Bootcamp programme is specifically designed to support businesses to get access to finance and aims to help over 10,000 SME businesses get in shape and ready to raise finance by 2025. The core focus of the programme is to provide the knowledge, tools and support to access suitable funders to ensure that businesses have the best chances of success when seeking finance.

The Access To Finance Bootcamp will help businesses get ready and in shape so they can apply for any form of finance such as:


  • Business loans

  • Overdrafts

  • Working capital

  • Commercial mortgages

  • Buy-to-let mortgages

  • Development finance

  • Bridging loans

  • Equity investment

  • Asset finance

  • Invoice finance

  • Stock loans

  • Consolidation loans

  • Vat & Tax loans

  • MBO’s and MBI’s


Other topics that are covered:


  • Learn how to secure the most suitable funding solution for your business

  • Understanding which types of finance are available

  • Building a strong and compelling business proposal

  • Understand the due diligence around raising finance

  • How to structure a funding proposal

  • Guidance and training on pitching to funders

  • Learn what funders don't tell you - but you must know

  • See how successful businesses get the 'YES' word



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