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How Lockdown Property Valuations Will Work

The slight lifting of England’s lockdown restrictions and new guidelines, published by the Government and RICS, has allowed surveyors to resume physical property valuations.

The advice from both and RICS is that:

  • Surveyors should contact households before an inspection to confirm the health and safety measures required from the household*

  • Residents should leave all doors open to minimise the need for surface contact and clean door handles and surfaces with household cleaning products before and after an inspection

  • 2m social distancing must be observed during inspections. It’s suggested that you stay in a separate room to the one being inspected

  • No inspections should be carried out in households where someone has symptoms, is isolating or has recently tested positive for COVID-19

  • Surveyors should wash their hands immediately upon entering the property, using separate or paper towels which can be washed or disposed of after use

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