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Investors to push companies on social issues

Investors to push companies on social issues

More than 220 investors managing $30trn plan to push companies over social issues and human rights, with an initial focus on firms in the mining, metals and renewables sectors. A coalition known as Advance has been organised by the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

Members have signed a public statement "acknowledging the urgency and systemic nature of human rights issues" and the need to meet their own responsibilities under international standards. Of those to sign up, 120 will take active roles leading or supporting engagement with an initial 40 companies.

PRI chief executive David Atkin said: “From tackling global inequalities to preventing damage to the environment which can impact the health of people for generations, we hope Advance will drive positive outcomes for workers, communities, and society at large.”

Read more: Daily Mail

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