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Johnson calls for 'resolve' to fight coronavirus

New restrictions designed to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus have been introduced across the UK. In England, hospitality venues will have to close by 10pm and office workers have been told to work from home if possible; rules on face masks have also been updated. From Thursday, they will be compulsory in taxis and for retail staff and hospitality customers, except when sitting down eating or drinking. Fines for not wearing them will be doubled to £200 while businesses that fail to adhere to the rules could be fined £10,000. In Scotland, people are being asked not to visit other households indoors and a 10pm closing time for pubs and restaurants has been applied; as it has in Wales while in Northern Ireland people are not permitted to meet anyone who they don't live with inside their home, with limited exceptions. Boris Johnson has called on the public to "summon the discipline and the resolve" t o follow the new coronavirus rules, warning that Britain will face a second national lockdown if people fail to follow new restrictions.

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