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Time To Focus On New-Build Properties?

Is It Time To Focus On New-Build Properties?

There is growing interest in new-build properties in the wake of the pandemic as Britain tries to support both the economy and the environment. Housing plays a substantial role in the UK’s carbon footprint. The market will be key in reaching the government’s net-zero goal on carbon emissions by 2050. Alongside this discussion, the Green Homes Grant scheme has raised awareness of the importance of eco-friendly housing improvements.

The Advantages of New-Build Properties

Environmentally Friendly

Housing plays a substantial role in the UK’s carbon footprint. Running a new-build property with efficient energy performance is much more environmentally friendly. More efficient housing is key to achieving the goal of net-zero by 2050.

Boost the Market

Eco-friendly housing is sure to promote the UK’s green credentials. This feature, in turn, will strengthen both the housing market and the private rented sector.

Cheaper Energy Bills

New-build homes usually have the top Energy Performance Certificate ratings of A or B. An EPC is a four-page document that evaluates a property’s energy performance on a scale from A to G (A being the most efficient). The EPC of a property is vital in indicating how much heating and power will cost. New-builds, with the highest rating, have considerably cheaper annual energy bills and often require less upkeep.

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