Developer, Surrey

They guys were amazing, they explained things in plain language and were easy to contact. I needed an extra draw-down in a hurry due to delays in the sale and everything was brought together speedily with not hassle. Investor, Clive

Plumbing Business, Kent

The team at Sardison was able to get us the money so we could buy a new van. The service was excellent. Owner, Rick Wakeman

Sushi Shop, Chiswick

“We found the advice from the team at Sardison Consulting  to be eye opening. They gave us the perfect perspective on our business and made positive suggestions on how we could improve and be more attractive for funders. Investors need to have a clear concept about what you are trying to build in your company. For that, we learnt how to optimise the message throw a couple of high value lessons with Sardison Consulting.” Xui Chi, Owner

Childrens Nursery, Oxford

“We were told by our bank that we were now to high risk to lend money to and we didn’t know what options we had left. We spoke to the consultant at Sardison Consulting and he clearly explained the truth about why the banker said that and managed to source us a Stock Loan and Cashflow facility to support our growth”. Melissa Cullins, Director​

Property Development, Hull

I really did not know there was so many funding options and with the help we received, we was able to purchase two properties to develop. Thanks! Sara Collins, Director

Restaurant, Kent

Thanks for helping us to raise the money needed to pay our staff. We really appreciate the help and support we have received.  William Dodds, Director

Car Dealer, Kent

The care industry is hard enough without having to deal with lots of lenders too. Maurice showed us the many options we could access to support our business. What an eye opener! Terry O'Neil, Director

Nursery, Kent

The time that the team at Sardison took to help us was so impressive. They totally understood our challenges and found us the best deal to support our business. Amy Ryan, Partner

Gym, London

We lot hope in bank and brokers. Maurice Sardison helped to restore faith that there are good people out there who really care and can help. Thanks Maurice. Derek Johnson, Founder

Buy-To-Let, Wales

Finally, a broker that mirrored our philosophy of service and quality. Vanessa Davies, Director

Manufacturer, Dorking

I have found Sardison to be prompt, courteous, efficient and most importantly - flexible with their service! I can't wait to work with you all again. George Beasley, Company Founder

Barbers, Bromley

Thanks Maurice for all your help and guidance with our business. Ryan Hall, Owner

Hair Salon, West London

Thanks for your support. Highly recommended by me! Michelle Freeman, Owner

Parts Manufacturer, Hull

Raising this money was one of the biggest things our company has done and without the help and support from Maurice and his team, I don't think we would have done it. Well done and I can certainly say that we are now clients for life. Giles Brown, Company Director

Development, Sutton

We have been used Sardison Consulting for  many years. now Maurice and his team always give a first class service at a very competitive price. Kevin Hall, Company Director

Property Developer, London

We would recommend Sardison Consulting to anyone as they know how to help businesses and most importantly, how to raise finance better than anyone. Hassan Ashraf, Director

Wine Seller, Devon

We recommend Sardison Consulting to any business that is serious about raising finance and growing their business. Harry Usmarh, Owner

Developer, Manchester

Thanks for getting the money we needed Maurice. Who needs a bank manager when we have you. Ian Donaldson, CEO

Fitness Club, Essex

The guys at Sardison Consulting gave us some really sound advice and helped us to become finance ready and raised us a small business loan to expand our business. Laura Kelly, Owner

Interior Design, Hackney

Maurice was really good and talking me through the options I had and helped riase the money we needed. Owner, Iwona Libaski

Media Business, London

We took on a big contract and needed some cash in the bank to help us to cover the day-to-day operations of the business. The guys at Sardison were able to get the money we needed in just a few days. Thanks for all you help.

James, Director

Window Business, Croydon

Wow....thanks to the team at Sardison, we was able to raise finance when we was turned away from our Bank. Thank you guys! Dave Gilbert, Director

Property Investor, London

We are so thankful that we was able to get the help needed to get the finance we so needed for our business. Billy McFly, Partner

Pub, Kent

Thanks Maurice for the help and advise you have provided to help us raise the money we needed. You was truly godsent! Aura Mustafa, Owner 

Photo Studio, Middlesex

With the help from Maurice and his team, we was able to raise the money to purchase all new equipment for our studio. We can't wait to work with you again. Thomas Newman, Owner

Estate Agent, Cardiff

We have struggled with lenders over the years as they said our sector was too high risk, Maurice and his team was able to show that there is more out there than just banks. and we learnt so much with the time we spent as Maurice and the team got to know us as a business. Thank you again! Jane Manzoor, Director

Accountant, south London

We are use to dealing with banks and lenders as an accountancy firm but have never met someone so passionate about helping businesses to raise finance like Maurice. Thank you for all your help and we will certainly be introducing our clients to you too. Ali Rahman, Accountant

Builders, Kent

Well done Ashton, you really helped us when I was beginning to loose hope in ever raising finance for our company. We will be coming back to you very soon. Edward Shaw, Company Director

HMO, Luton

Our relationship is wonderful with the team at Sardison. The team are excellent and are always on the end of the phone when we need them. Matao Vanlenzo, Director

Leisure, Devon

We are so happy with the help we received as we stuggled for months with other brokers and consultants that just could not help us. We would recommend you time and time again! Let me know if you need anything. Annabelle Strewd, Director

Pool Bar, Manchester

We was able to purchase all the pool table we needed for our business and had a bit of money spare for a small refurbishment of our premises. Brian Hassler, Managing Director

Coffee Shop, Sevenoaks

The team at Sardison helped us to produce a strong business plan and proposal and was able to help us raise the money needed for our shop. Musfa Sahlar, Owner

Factory, Reading

We were new to Invoice Finance and chose Sardison because of their range of choice and ability to explain the pros and cons of the options we had available. Trevor Ardoor, Company Director

Spa, Brighton

Maurice, you was a breath of fresh air. Your advice was rich in context and your knowledge was jaw dropping. You opened my eyes. Thanks once again. Tammy Smitherson, Owner

Landlord, Leeds

Thanks for your help. I am feed up with dealing with banks and brokers who can't help. Ifran Ahmed, Director

Auto Garage, Chelmsford

Great result for us Maurice, you was a great help with supporting our business. We will be back. Jonathan Mann, Director

Developer, Bromley

We was delighted with the support we received from Sardison Consulting and we raised the money we needed so what else can I say other than a big thank you. Shane Glenwood, Company Founder and Director

Event Organiser, London

Maurice, you and the team really helped us out things were looking very bad for us. I really appreciate what you all have done for us. Thanks. Paul Jennings, Director

Bar & Grill, Leicester

The team at Sardison was really helpful and gave us a lot of advice. Director, Henry Falks

Carehome, Essex

Thanks for helping us to get the finance needed to acquire our 2nd carehome. Dealing with our bank was very painful but dealing with Sardison Consulting was a real pleasure. Director, Kenneth Barrymoore

Bike Shop, Richmond

“As a growing business, we needed to know what our options were and learnt more in one 20 minute phone call with the Consultant from Sardison Consulting than I had from my accountant and bank manager in two years!”. Brian Knowlean, Owner​

Building Firm, Hove

"Having been in business for over 20 years, I really thought we knew it all when it came to growing our business and raising finance. I was proven wrong after engaging with the team at Sardison Consulting, as they showed us things about banking we just didn't know and started accessing better deals in the market and I could not believe how much money we had saved after having a full business review."

Barbra Jennings, Director

Dentist, London

Thanks for your support. We managed to raise more money than we could have expected to get. Dr Mohammed, Dentist

Furniture Seller, Manchester

The service and support we have received was simply outstanding....thanks! Bola Aslim, Director

Beauty Salon, Kent

Thanks for all your help and guidance, we have never been supported the way the team at Sardison have supported us. 

Property, Surrey

We was shown by the team at Sardison how to put a growth plan together that would help us to raise finance to support our growth and expansion. Iwa Babiola, Director

Property, Birmingham

The service is absolutely fantastic. Sardison was a pleasure to deal with and look forward to working with them again in the near future. Elle Mckenzie, Director

Manufacturer, Wembley

“As an established manufacturer, we have always had cashflow problems and our bank pulled our overdraft just when we needed it the most. Our consultant at Sardison Consulting was able to get an overdraft in place with a new bank and also arranged Asset Finance for us to purchase new equipment to support our growth.” Gregg Matthews, Founder

Property, Cardiff

We were new to raising Finance and chose Sardison because of a friend recommending them to us and would not hesitate to recommend them again too. Parminder Singh, Director

Farm, West Sussex

We really appreciate the unbiased advice that was given to us by the team at Sardison Consulting. For years we just did not get this from our accountant, bankers or even the brokers we have used over the years. We are glad we are clients of Sardison Consulting. Jeffrey Maddox, Director

Decorators, London

Based on the fact that you helped  us when other turned us away, let me know if you need your house painting and I will happily do it for Free Maurice,....seriously though, many thanks for helping me out! Barry Jones, Owner

Gastropub, Oxford

Thank you so much for helping us Maurice, we have struggled for far too long and you worked your magic! You Magician! James Ward, Director

Textile Maker, East London

We chose Sardison Consulting because of they seem to have the largest range of lenders on the market and just know what they are talking about, along with the friendly service when contacting the office who are always happy to help and deal with enquires or queries you may have. I would highly recommend Sardison Consulting and we are very satisfied customers who will continue to use them. Charles Baker, Founder and Director

Landlord, Brighton

With the markets being so volatile, raising finance has been a real distraction for us. Thanks to the help and support from Maurice and his team, we have managed to get a number of properties purchased and we are now in a very strong position to grow our business aggressively over the coming months and years. Thanks. Georgina Richards, Director

Fashion Designer, London

You're a super start Maurice, I am so glad I met you at the event in London. You've helped me take my business to the next level. Sarah Garbett, Owner

Dog Groomer, Surrey

Wow.....Wow...Wow. We was able to raise the money we needed so fast with the help from the team at Sardison Consulting. Chloe Adams, Owner

Garden Centre, Kent

I have been in business for many years and have never met someone like Maurice with such passion for business finance. The world needs more like you Maurice, keep helping and and you will be blessed. Frank Holland, Director

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