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Mentoring 4 Success Programme


The Mentoring 4 Success (M4S) programme was delivered by the GLE Group who secured a £1.6m from the European Regional Development Fund and the London Development Agency, to support the Capital's small businesses to successfully access finance through intensive mentoring and training.


Following the financial downturn, entrepreneurs faced increasing competition to gain the funding needed to grow their businesses, and need to approach investors and funders with an effective pitch and business proposal.


We assisted businesses to understand the funding landscape and options available to them and also provided mentoring support after finance had been secured to further support businesses to utilise the investment effectively.


This was a three year programme which aimed to:


  • provide 400 businesses with intensive mentoring support

  • support over 50 businesses to access loan or equity finance

  • create 93 new jobs

  • safeguard 165 jobs


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