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Applications dip, vacancies increase

Applications dip, vacancies increase

New figures show that the number of people applying for jobs in December was the lowest it had been in five years. The analysis by jobs website Broadbean Technology shows that 2.2m job applications were made last month, down 34% on December 2019. With the number of applications dipping despite the unemployment rate being pushed up by the coronavirus crisis, Broadbean says the extension of the government’s furlough scheme may be a factor. The report also highlights that vacancies in the first week of January were up 4% compared to the middle of December. Broadbean Technology managing director Alex Fourlis welcomed the uptick in vacancies and said the progress of the coronavirus vaccine programme and the fact many employers are better able to facilitate remote working means the firm is “quietly confident that the positivity we have seen so far will continue.”

Read more: The Daily Star


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