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Crowd funders could collapse if merger is blocked

Crowd funders could collapse if merger is blocked

Leading crowdfunding sites have claimed that they face collapse if the £140m merger between Seedrs and Crowdcube is scuppered. The two firms, which between them have hosted crowdfunding campaigns attracting £2bn since 2011, announced plans to merge in October, saying the deal would create “one of the world’s largest private equity marketplaces”. The tie-up prompted scrutiny from the Competition and Markets Authority. The watchdog said the deal meant there was "a realistic prospect of a substantial lessening of competition in the supply of equity crowdfunding platforms to SMEs and investors”. In November, the CMA said it was fast-tracking an in-depth probe as there were clear competition concerns. But in submission documents to the CMA, Crowdcube warned against a total block on the merger, saying both companies were "unprofitable and cannot both achieve profit ability independently of one another in the absence of the proposed merger".

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