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Hawkish Sunak says we must learn to live with virus ‘without fear’

Rishi Sunak urged the nation to live with coronavirus “without fear” yesterday when he launched his winter economy plan. The Chancellor said Britain can no longer put normal life on hold, adding that the country could not carry on ignoring the economic impact of the pandemic. Pointing out that "the price our country is paying is wider" than the coronavirus death toll, he added: "As we think about the next few weeks and months, we need to bear all those costs in mind." The Telegraph’s Camilla Tominey says this has been interpreted as a message to Boris Johnson and the Health Secretary, with one senior parliamentarian saying: “The message was clear – we cannot gamble any further with the economy." The Chancellor admitted the economy is now “likely to undergo a more permanent adjustment”, with some jobs disappearing for good. Mr Sunak suggested his wage subsidy scheme coul d cost £300m a month, compared with £6bn a month for the furlough scheme.

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