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Lending in 2021

Lending in 2021

Unprecedented’ seemed to be the word of the year during 2020

Covid-19 hit hard with the property market grinding to a halt in lockdown #1 and some lenders ceasing lending at points throughout the year. However at Sardison Capital, it was full steam ahead, getting BBLS and CBILS loans to over 1000 SME's, funding acquisition, development and development-exit loans throughout 2020.

Of course, we are very much still in the grips of the global pandemic, but this time it’s different. Yes, we still have uncertainty in the market which we cannot avoid, the end of the raised threshold for stamp duty and the Brexit deal changing the way we work with Europe. However, construction sites are still open, viewing of properties to buy and rent is still permitted, and the market is still very much moving. And that means that developers are still building.

At Sardison Capital, we are starting 2021 with a large number of loan enquiries - and with lenders hungry to see new deals over the coming weeks and months. We have vetted our panel of lenders and know exactly what they are looking for in 2021. So please get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.


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