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Planning ahead – a few words from Director, Maurice Sardison

Planning ahead – a few word from Director Maurice Sardison

The start to the year hasn’t been what any of us had hoped for but there are many reasons to be optimistic. Many SME businesses have demonstrated their ingenuity and adaptability, diversifying and developing new channels to market to ensure their survival and ultimate growth. Supporting those businesses is complex; enabling them to take advantage of opportunities for growth as restrictions reduce. Sadly for some, those challenges will be ensuring a controlled demise.

Even before we have news of any easing of current restrictions it is pleasing to see a real buoyancy in many sectors, with transaction volumes well up on 6 months ago. One key area of focus is the need for forward planning in the context of working capital needs. There remains much liquidity in the market overall as businesses continue to protect funding taken under the various government schemes, and in some cases, this may be masking an underlying longer-term need.

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