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Tourist spending in central London plunges amid lockdown

Tourist spending in central London plunges amid lockdown

Tourism spending in central London decreased by £10.9bn last year compared to 2019 levels, research from London mayor Sadiq Khan’s office shows. The mayor stated: “When London thrives, the whole country thrives, so supporting our city’s businesses to survive the coming months will be absolutely vital. With the right support from the government, more businesses will survive and contribute to what this report shows could be a rapid recovery, once tourists and commuters return in numbers.” The research was commissioned in order to help City Hall and partner organisations understand how the city centre economy could be affected by emerging trends. Matthew Dillon, City Economics Leader at Arup, noted: “With targeted interventions now… hugely valuable industries can receive a much-needed boost, and help assist in London’s and the UK’s recovery.”

Read more: Evening Standard / City AM


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