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UK now a “hotspot” for international workers

UK now a “hotspot” for international workers

A new survey by jobs website Indeed has found that the UK is the most attractive country for foreign job hunters among Europe’s major economies, with a jump in the number of highly skilled workers applying for jobs. The improvement in the UK’s score comes despite a fall in applications from EU-based workers following the introduction of tougher post-Brexit immigration rules. Pawel Adrjan, head of Europe research at Indeed, said: “Our analysis suggests that non-European jobseekers are likely to be more highly skilled and therefore interested in higher paying jobs, compared to lower skilled roles European workers had previously taken. This could be a sign that the UK Government's post-Brexit immigration policy is operating as intended, with new sources of global immigration of greatest benefit to employers hiring for higher skilled positions in sectors like IT, engineering and finance.”

Read more: The Daily Telegraph

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