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Will a Home Office add value to a House?

Will a Home Office add value to a House?

As so many people were forced to work from home during the pandemic, the existence of home offices multiplied greatly. Although working from home was on the rise anyway before the pandemic, its existence in homes accelerated enormously during the last two years. With nearly half of all working people in the UK working from home in 2021, home offices have become a staple of today’s houses.

Does a Home Office really add Value to a House?

On average adding a home office to your house can increase the sale on price of your house by 5-10%. There are other home improvements too, which can add different levels of value to a house, including:

  • Loft conversions

  • Redecorating

  • Double glazing

  • Landscape gardening

  • Home insulation

That is why building a home office is becoming more popular with more people than ever before. Whether turning a spare bedroom into a dedicated office, renovating the garage or changing the garden shed, home offices can be built anywhere; easily and effectively and for a potentially reasonable cost.

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