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Essential Guide To Raising Business & Property Finance | With Maurice Sardison | Part 7

Essential Guide To Raising Business & Property Finance | With Maurice Sardison | Part 7


Ensure that your business plan is well presented – first impressions count

Include a cover or binding and a contents page

Keep the plan short - people are more likely to want to read it.

Ensure it is legible and free of jargon

Start with the Executive summary (see section 3)

Share the plan with expert advisors, e.g. your accountant and respond to any feedback

Maintain an electronic version of the plan so that you can e-mail it to interested parties in advance


Whoever you are approaching for funding will need to be absolutely convinced about you, your management team and the ability of your business to succeed in your chosen market.

How you present your business is key. You need to approach the meeting with an air of confidence without being seen as over confident or glib.

You will need to be realistic and be prepared to discuss the potential threats to your business in a way that suggests to the audience that you have fully considered these and have strategies in place to deal with them.

The meeting will generally cover three stages as follows:


Briefly describe what business you are in: Summarise where you want to take it Explain how you are going to get there


Cover what you want to achieve from the meeting Know what points you want to put across Highlight USPs (unique selling points) & personal/business strengths


Be confident in your approach Answer questions articulately & precisely Minimise jargon & conjecture Provide the audience with a picture or vision of the end state Demonstrate the value in terms of customer satisfaction, growth & investor return


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