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Women representation on FTSE boards climbs by 50%

Women representation on FTSE boards climbs by 50%

The Hampton-Alexander Review has found that women representation on FTSE 350 boards has risen from 21.9% to 34.9% since 2015. “In total, 220 of the FTSE 350 companies now meet the Hampton-Alexander target of having at least 33% of their board positions held by women - with the figure having quadrupled from just 53 in 2015,” a statement from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy read. The final report from the review also noted that there are now no longer any all-male FTSE 350 boards. The figures also show that women occupy 29.4% of broader senior roles, up from 24.5% in 2017. Hampton-Alexander Review chief executive Denise Wilson said: “The lack of women in the boardroom is where it all started a decade ago, and it’s the area where we have seen the greatest progress. “But now, we need to achieve the same - if not more - gains for women in leadership. The supply of capa ble, experienced women is full-to-over-flowing. It is now for business to fully-utilise a talent pool of educated, experienced women, to their own benefit and that of the UK economy.” The Times’ Patrick Hosking notes that with all-male boards now virtually extinct among UK-listed companies, investors are increasing the pressure on boards to hire more BAME directors.

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